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I’ve known Vaughan for more than 25 years now, and he’s a badass bass player. He’s an incredible player, and an incredible teacher for all levels. He’s great with beginners, great with very advanced players, and everything in between. If you’re a bass player looking for a teacher, this is the guy. Not only is he an amazing player, but he has terrific teaching skills. He’s very knowledgeable and can teach that knowledge with patience and clarity. He’s a very inspiring musician. Study with him if you get a chance. ~ Mike Stern

I’ve been taking lessons with Vaughan for 4 years, both in person and online. If you’re an electric bassist who’s looking to get into the world of jazz then Vaughan’s your guy! Instead of showing his students a bunch of jazz licks and telling you how to play them, Vaughan teaches a variety of different theoretical concepts related to improvising and walking bass lines, which allows his students to explore these sounds and understand how they work. He helps his students find their own unique voice and vocabulary instead of helping you sound/copy someone else’s. His online lessons include having his students record themselves playing both a solo and a bass line over a standard, and this process gives his students the opportunity to hear what he’s hearing. This allows you to understand the points he’s trying to make. It might not seem like a lot but over a short amount of time, you’ll definitely hear progress. Playing jazz on electric bass can seem like an impossible thing at times but Vaughan really understands that you can play jazz really well on it and you can sound just as good anybody else.  ~ Andy Ranieri

I’ve had lessons with Vaughan for 2 years in the past. He is an exceptional bass instructor and his students often come a long way with his lessons (myself included). If improvising in any style is something that interests you, this is your guy. He often points to a certain idea rather than telling a student what exactly to play or write them licks, as many teachers do. This encourages the student to extrapolate language and ideas from their own mind and the mind of their respective musical interests, preserving the individual voice of the student’s musicianship. Take a lesson, or two! His book “harmonic origins” is a great resource as well, but is better internalized in a one on one lesson scenario. Highly recommended.  ~ Mitchell Beauregard

Awesome bass teacher! I have been taking lessons from Vaughan for four years now and he always pushes me to become a better player.  ~ Wes Tanney

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